Nothing beats the comfort of a carpet, but we know that for some people, looking after a carpet and keeping it feeling fresh are issues that might put them off taking the plunge.

We make it easy to commit to carpet with pay weekly carpets. And the cleaning issue? Read on for our handy tips, so that you won’t have to worry about keeping your carpet in tip-top condition.

1. Roll Away the Fluff

Sometimes you can fiercely vacuum away but still find there are stubborn bits and pieces – crumbs, fluff and the like – that simply seem to refuse to budge.

Try a lint roller. This handy device works wonders on many carpets, cleaning fibres to a high standard. You do need to get stuck in to the rolling occasionally, but the results are worth it.

2. Use an Iron for Stain Removal

With the best will in world, spillages will happen and your carpet will bear the brunt of drinks, sauces and other substances.

Stain removal for carpets is always a big issue, and there are different methods for different stains, but here’s one that works in many instances.

First you vacuum the stained area to get rid of any hard particles. Next with a 3:1 ratio of water and vinegar treat the stained area. Work it in.

Finally, place a towel on top of the treated area where the stain is. Iron over it with a heated iron. The pressure from the iron, along with the heat, will make the towel absorb the stain.

3. Blot, Don’t Rub

It feels natural to want to rub away at a stain. After all, it works for dishes, or even cleaning shoes. But for carpets it’s a definite no. Rubbing is likely to discolour the carpet, and may simply spread the stain and work it further in.

Instead, try blotting. You only apply pressure to the specific area where the stain is, with your cleaning solution. Pay attention to the direction you’re blotting in – you should try to blot inwards from outside the stain area to ensure the stain cannot spread further.

4. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is something of a wonder material when it comes to certain aspects of carpet cleaning. It’s useful for oil stains. Here you apply lots of it to the affected area until it absorbs the oil into a kind of crust. Once its absorbed most of the stain, get dabbing away with hot water.

Similarly, for pet-related mishaps, especially when house-training a dog, baking soda is ideal in dealing with both the staining and lingering smell of dog pee.

Baking soda can refresh as well as clean your carpet.

5. Don’t Forget the Shaving Cream

Yes, plain, humble shaving cream can remove normal dirt stains, such as the ones you get from accumulated dust and wear and tear on lighter coloured carpets.

Blot shaving cream into the stain and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then absorb it with a damp towel. It helps remove the stain and, at the same time, makes the carpet feel softer.

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