Carpets are back, if they ever went away. The fact is, nowadays there are plenty of alternatives to carpets in the modern home. These include: laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

However, the wall to wall carpet retains its attraction for the home, as an example of supreme comfort underfoot.

As providers of pay weekly carpet options, we know that you should never take carpeting for granted, so here are five good reasons on why you should choose one.

1. Unifying the Room

A carpet brings a room together, helping to set the stage for everything else. Whatever kind of furniture you’ve got – contemporary, traditional, off-beat, antique – the carpet will give your room a sense of unity.

This isn’t to say it makes everything look blandly alike. Far from it. The carpet allows those individual details, from furniture to accessories, to shine, but at the same time, doesn’t let them fly off visually in too many different directions.

2. Comforting Underfoot

Nothing says being at home like kicking off your shoes and padding around your own space. Whereas wooden floors can be cold, or even slippery underfoot, a carpet provides a real sense shoeless comfort and security. And your feet are much less likely to feel the chill during the colder months.

3. Insulating the Room, and the Home

Whereas there are practical advantages to hard flooring, such as when it comes to stain removal, the carpeted floor is better insulated against the cold. In a carpet, the fibres are packed together, trapping heat in the winter. It means you can also save on your heating bills, because you can turn the thermostat down a notch or two.

4. Keeping the Noise Down

A carpet’s insulating qualities also mean that it reduces the amount of sound echoing around a room. Have you ever been in a bar or restaurant where you can barely hear over the sound of everyone else? That’s the effect of a solid floor for you. With a carpet, you get a softened sound to go with a softer tread.

5. Protecting the Kids

If you’ve got kids, they like to run around the home with little thought about how, or when, they’ll stop. If they fall – and they often do – a carpet offers them a lot more protection than a solid floor. It goes back to the whole comfort thing.

Take the Comfortable Choice

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